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~Welcome to ueda_world (Ueda no Sekai)~
An unofficial Ueda Tatsuya FAN community. Founded on 26th July, 2010. Please read the Rules carefully before joining and posting. Enjoy your stay.

A world that revolves only around Ueda Tatsuya. This community is made for the sole purpose of sharing the love we all have for him. Here you can find everything there is to be about Ueda. Its for his fans alone please do respect that and enjoy. The U from the amazing group KAT-TUN is here.

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Ueda Tatsuya (上田竜也) is a Japanese pop actor, singer, boxer and a member of the Johnny's Entertainment group KAT-TUN.

Name: Ueda Tatsuya (上田竜也).
Nicknames: Tat-chan, Ueda, Uebo, Uepi.
Birthdate: October 4, 1983 (age 31).
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan.
Blood Type: B.
Height: 172 cm.
Weight: 53 kg.
B/W/H: 79/69/85 cm.
Eyesight: 0.3.
Family: Parents, Miyuki (older sister).
Pets: 4 dogs (Golden Retrievers), Earo, Tia, Eri and one more and 2 cats.
Talents: Basketball, guitar, piano, boxing.
Entered Johnny's: June 1998.
Reason to Enter Johnny's: Likes Imai Tsubasa.
Admired Senpais: Domoto Tsuyoshi and Imai Tsubasa.
Favorite Colors: Black, Red.
Favorite Season: Winter.
Favorite Part of Body: Hands.
Favorite Animal: Dolphin.
Favorite Food: Spaghetti, Steak, Sashimi, Caesar's salad.
Favorite Things to Do: Read comics in the bathtub, play basketball and guitar.
Favorite School Subject: History.
Favorite Flower: Rose.

[2000] Kowai Nichiyobi (episodes 8 and 15)
[2009] Konkatsu!
[2011] Runaway ~Aisuru Kimi no tame ni
[2012] Boys on the Run
[2017] Shikaku Tantei Higurashi Tabito

[2013] Eien no Zero

[2005] Lotte Gum
[2005] Crunky Chocolate
[2007] NTT DoCoMo FOMA902i Series
[2005] Rohto Lipbalm
[2006] SKY PerfecTV!
[2011] Suzuki Solio
[2012] Entag!

Plays & Musicals:
[2000] Milenium Shock
[2003] SHOW geki SHOCK~is Real Shock~
[2004] Dream Boy
[2004] SUMMARY of Johnny's World 2004
[2005] Hey! Say! DREAM BOY
[2006] KAT-TUN vs Kanjani∞ Musical Dream Boys
[2009] Romeo & Juliet
[2014] Toumin Suru Kuma ni Soine Shite Goran

TVNavi Magazine Awards (Summer 2009): Best Newcomer for Konkatsu!